Greetings to our MBF community! With this first post, I am delighted to announce the launch of the Minnesota Beethoven Festival Blog dedicated and devoted to all things MBF – our artists, our people and our community. It is my hope that you will find this space informative, helpful, and occasionally, even entertaining. What have you always wanted to know about MBF? Or your favorite artists? Would you like to relive your favorite memories of past seasons? I invite you to share your questions and thoughts in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ned Kirk

These past many months have been a busy time indeed! With the significant help of our Festival Box Office Manager, Lucas Chase, and our Marketing and PR Director, Shanna O’Leary, we have spent the last five months creating a NEW Festival Box Office. After a lot of research into various platforms, including a long software demonstration (on my birthday, and on a Sunday, no less!) we found what we were looking for. I think you will be very happy with the wonderful services we are now able to provide. We are pleased to offer, for the first time, choose-your-own subscriptions packages along with a fourth option of a 9-Concert Series package. Choose-your-own means exactly that: you may select any concerts you wish to create a subscription package to suit your liking. In addition, new subscriptions may be purchased online as well as by phone. Our pricing structure also includes various discounts. For example, if you buy the 9-Concert Series, you will get one concert free (a $25 discount). And, with the 8-Concert Series, you will get a $20 discount, and so on. I have outlined the most important changes you can now enjoy below:

1. Tickets will be sold online, by phone (7 days a week), and at the concerts. We will no longer offer in-person sales except at actual concerts. Please visit our website for instructions:

2. We now offer four different Choose-Your-Own subscription packages:

  • 9-Concert Series: $200 (includes all 9 concerts)
  • 8-Concert Series: $180 (choose any 8 concerts)
  • 7-Concert Series: $160 (choose any 7 concerts)
  • 6-Concert Series: $140 (choose any 6 concerts)

Festival ticket-packages go on sale to the general public on APRIL 23, 2019.

3. All single tickets are $25 and go on sale MAY 14, 2019.

4. We will continue to offer pre-sale subscriptions to anyone who purchased a subscription last season. NEW this year for returning subscribers, is your option to purchase the same seats you had last year before April 23, the general public sale date. No more need to wait in line… your seats are guaranteed!

We have a great season ahead of us – there is much to look forward to! Over the months and years to come it is my hope to connect you more closely with MBF. Every season takes up to three years to build, so work goes on year-round in a long-term, overlapping manner. And the stories…. there are so many stories to tell. I look forward to this journey with you.